Aleksandra Maria Ścibor Infinity_signature_word


Having worked with Aleksandra on a few occasions, my experience of her movement and art is at once transformative, yet matter of fact. She embodies a clarity and richness that is compelling. Being thoroughly rooted and grounded in the human form, Aleksandra has the preternatural ability to transcend the mundane and evoke the images, impressions, and patterns that comprise a reality that parallels our own, but clearly encompasses more.  She is totally dedicated and committed to her art and its place in her life.

Ray Chung, Contact Improvisation dancer and teacher


Seeing Aleksandra dancing is deeply touching. All her body seems perfectly organised to receive and play with a mysterious flow. Dancing with her is a great gift. It is like being lifted and anchored at the same time. Something largely expands in the perceptive field. It is a precious experience of freedom and letting go.
It feels like a healing of the soul.

Aurélie Delarue, dancer, choreographer, Body-Mind Centering® practitioner

Aleksandra has a fluid and very sensitive movement quality coupled with technical skills. Her dance dialogues with unformulated fields within and connects to the unknown. This ability to combine form and non-form can lead to a high level of artistic expression.
Nadia Vadori-Gauthier, PhD, performance artist – researcher and teacher

Aleksandra has an amazing energy and I love working with her. She is perceptive, intelligent and inspiring. She brings to the work a great enthusiasm and creative joy. Aleksandra is a marvellous asset to have in any situation: she is strong, hard working and a brilliant improvisor. I had a fantastic time working with her. 
I highly recommend Aleksandra.

Nigel Charnock, choreographer, director, performer, co-founder of DV8 Physical Theatre