Infinite Life Celebration

when: 20 October 2020, 20:20 - 27 October 2020, 23:59

where: where you are.

Infinite Life Celebration is a never-ending celebration of Infinite Life.

For the sake of this reality I frame it within the time-space. Infinite Life Celebration takes place between 20th October 2020, 20.20 (8.20 p.m.) and 27 October 2020, 23:59 (11:59 p.m.) where you are.

Infinite Life Celebration begins on 20th October 2020 for I feel this day as its beginning and ends with the end of 27th October 2020 which is my birthday.

Infinite Life Celebration takes place when and where you choose to celebrate Infinite Life.

Infinite Life Celebration takes place beyond, beneath, and in between all the limitation, manipulation, control.

I invite you to choose a song that awakens within you a spirit of ecstasy, euphoria, and bliss, and dance. Dance yourself Infinite Life! I dance with you! I dance with you whenever and wherever you choose.

Should you like to give me a birthday present, which I love receiving by the way, please contribute to my book: Thank you!

I wish you and me a most fulfilling, satiating, and wonder-fuuuullllll never-ending celebration!!!

October 2020 BACK HOME dates and venues:

BACK HOME weekly sessions in Frankfurt on: 6, 20 October 2020 at: 10.30 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. in: Ánathas Studio für orientalischen Tanz, Mörfelder Landstr. 64 HH, 60598 Frankfurt

BACK HOME weekly sessions in Offenbach on: 2, 9, 16, 23 October 2020 at: 8.00-9.30 p.m. (9, 23 October); 8.15-9.45 p.m. (2, 16 October) in: Bewegungsraum - Studio für ganzheitliche Körperarbeit, Yoga & Pilates, Luisenstrasse 70, 63067 Offenbach


Registration for BACK HOME weekly sessions is obligatory ( and guarantees your participation in a session on a given day. Registration is possible until 24h before the session.


BACK HOME weekly sessions are based on voluntary contribution. You may contribute via bank transfer (I provide the bank data on your request), following the contribution link at the bottom of the, or before/after a session. Thank you!