time-space in, with, through which you CREAte, creA(C)T, creA(C)TION a specific aspect of YOUnique

In, with, through the quantum perspective.

Focused on a specific topic, BACK HOME workshops are an expanded time-space for your journey. Practising coming BACK HOME for several consecutive days, you may settle yourself within the experience of YOUnique. The intensity of your journey may deepen and its transformative benefits may abound if you allow and receive.

Within BACK HOME workshops you explore, experience, and express YOUnique.

I create a time-space in which you may allow yourself to release into creating YOUnique. It is a different time-space. A different time is a prerequisite for this journey for the body knows a different time - different than the one you know from everyday life. This is a time where there is time and there is no hurry. And I create a different space - space within which you may awaken to YOUnique. This is a space where your body feels free and trusted. Welcome your body, you body, YOUnique you.

Multileveled. Multidirectional. Multireferential. Multidimensional. Multi


photography: © 2015 Hannah Bohr

BACK HOME workshops take place on request

in Frankfurt and around this world.


Full participation in the workshops is required.

No drop-in option.

Dedication to the full attendance encourages and confirms your readiness to create YOUnique.

This principle does not apply to unforeseen life circumstances.\