I found light, I found softness, and the touch of my grandmother, my mother, my sister and my father. I saw my painful wounds and gave them healing, I danced with my beasts and showed them who I was, I transformed through my movement from hardness to softness, from being closed to being open. I imagined that little girl being so lost in the beginning and through all those inner pictures and being into them with my dance, I made her come back to where she began and had lost herself a long time ago. I found home without searching for it, I just danced into it, without any intention. In the end I was it myself. I was home and became it through dancing, what made me be who I am, and made me be who I always was. Kyra, 2020

I am a keen supporter of Aleksandra having followed her M.A. Thesis (Stimulating Internal Core Support Through Developmental Movement Patterns: research into the reawakening of navel space radiation) with great interest, as well as being a regular participant to her self-developed BACK HOME movement practice. Her research has satisfied my mental understanding of the importance of our “core” on how to reawaken the connection. Even more importantly, I have had the pleasure to experience her classes, which is a very powerful and liberating experience. What I particularly appreciate is her ability to improvise within a structure where I feel the safety of a sound process, and at the same time I am able to experience and practice movements that are completely new to me. It is amazing to realise how easy it is to get stuck in repeating always the same body movements (e.g. confined within the limits of your regular sports etc.), and how seldom we have the opportunity to let our bodies discover new patterns in a playful way regardless of what our mental filters and judgment may think about it. Working with Aleksandra activates stuck energy and opens new doors at the physical, mental and emotional level. Erik Mansson, life coach and researcher, 2015