It is in your body, with your body, through your body that you are and experience. It is in your body, with your body, through your body that you perceive, relate, act, and that you live.

Your body_your home. Your entire physical body_your home on this earth_your home in this world_your home in this life_your home here_your home now_your physical home_your worldly shelter_your earthly heaven_your body home. (T)here you live. You live in your body. You live in your physical body. You live in your muscles, your bones, your skin, your organs, your nose, your ears, your fluids, your heart, … .

IN_in your physical body_in your physical body are all the answers_in your flesh and in your bones lies the information_in your vision and in your smell_within your entire physical body is all you need_here is your knowing_remember it_remember the knowing you are.

WITH_with your physical body_with the source of your knowing_together_together with your bodily intelligence_with your bodily wisdom synchronising_with your wisdom united.

THROUGH_through your physical body_through your physical self your non-physical self lives_through your physical rejoices your essence.

Feel yourself! Feel INTO yourself! Feel into your essence! Feel into YOUnique! Be YOUnique!

Photography: Hannah Bohr