BACK HOME weekly practice takes place in the form of a 90-minute-long session for an exclusive group of up to 5 dancers.

Every session is a totally unique and independent multidimensional creation. It is a cosmos of its own. It is a multiverse of infinite potentialities that we engage with through moving life, breath, dance, sound, … in, with, and through our physical bodies.

It is your journey into YOUnique. It is your journey with YOUnique. It is your journey through YOUnique. How far you decide to go is up to you. I create the map for the journey. You take this map and move in, with, and through its territory.

You accompany you. You follow you. You guide you.

Multileveled. Multidirectional. Multireferential. Multidimensional. Multi…

Each session is different, unrepeatable, and unpredictable.

Each session is same. I provide the map. You take this map and create YOUnique territory.

BACK HOME weekly sessions take place on various weekdays in Frankfurt and Offenbach.

BACK HOME weekend practice sessions take place in Frankfurt: Zentrum für Gesundheit und Bewegung (Mörfelder Landstr. 64 HH, 60598 Frankfurt) and in Offenbach: Bewegungsraum – Studio für ganzheitliche Körperarbeit, Yoga & Pilates (Luisenstrasse 70, 63067 Offenbach).

Session times differ and are announced in the news.

You are welcome to join BACK HOME sessions every time! No previous dance knowledge is required.

BACK HOME weekly sessions are based on voluntary contribution. You may make a contribution via the contribute link (at the bottom of callingyoubackhome.com), via the bank transfer (I provide the bank details on your request) or before/after the session. Thank you!

Check the news for the time, date, and location details.

Should you have questions, contact me: celebrate@callingyoubackhome.com.

Come! Dance BACK HOME! Receive YOUnique!