I inVITE you back into You Breath

to remember You Breath

to celebrate You Breath



is a multidimensional method for rapid human transformation to create fast, lasting life transformations for yourself and others in a safe way.

QUANTUM BREATH was created by Juan Pablo Barahona after over 30 years of practice and helping millions of people to repattern their habits, reconnect to their vitality, and experience quantum leaps in their personal and professional lives.

QUANTUM BREATH is designed to create profound positive changes, shifts, and transformations within you by rewiring/reprogramming your body’s nervous system and your unconscious mind by utilizing a blend of techniques.

It merges and combines several important components, principles, and practices for human transformation in one session, including: - Focused, intentional, and rhythmic breathing - Reprogramming your body’s nervous system - Rewiring and harmonizing your body’s energy centers (i.e. nervous plexus, chakras) - Harmonizing your flow of energy (i.e. chi, qi, prana, universal energy, life force, quantum energy) - Intentional evocation of positive emotions - Presence and embodiment (being here and now, engaging all your senses) - Self-awareness (i.e. being fully aware of your body, feelings, thoughts, sensations, and emotions) - Visualization and intentions - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Sound vibrations that you create with your own voice, humming, and chanting - Listening to high-vibrational sound frequencies - Harmonizing and synching your heart and brain (i.e. brain-heart coherence) - Harmonizing and synching your conscious mind and unconscious mind - Connecting with the divine intelligence (i.e. supermind, quantum field, etc) And many more.

All these components, principles, and practices are powerful when practiced and embodied on their own, but when you combine and converge them together in one single immersive experience as you do in a Quantum Breath session, you get exponentially better results, and that transformation comes faster.

In your body_with your body_through your body 

you inperience and experience your breath -

your YOUnique breath, 

BEcome back into You Breath -

forever expanding and inpanding You Body BEing,

and begin back to actualise YOUnique Joy,

YOUnique Authenticity_Organicity_Truth.

Testimonial coming soon

Testimonial coming soon

Testimonial coming soon

Testimonial coming soon



Each and every QUANTUM BREATH session

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Each and every QUANTUM BREATH session is composed of four phases:

1. Grounding

2. Transmutation

3. Expansion

4. Integration

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Do It The Quantum Way !

Juan Pablo Barahona