I have heard a Voice saying:

I am calling you my Beloved. I am calling you home.

On behalf of Voice I am calling you home.

Come! Let's celebrate!


BACK HOME originates from the deepest desire of mine - the desire to be me _to be one me_to be one whole me_to be.

It began within a place of discomfort_unease_suffering.

For years I would experience a nagging sense of separation_disassociation_cut.

On multiple levels_in multiple directions_through multiple dimensions of mine.

Within and without.

And in between I would always know that I may be the ecstasy of bliss_comfort_fulfilment.

I somehow knew that it is possible to live within a state of forever expanding joy and elation (t)here now.

I just knew.

And I knew that I would.


(T)here Now I live the Ecstasy of Me Joy.

(T)here Now I live the Ecstasy of Me Elation.

(T)here Now the Ecstasy of Joy and Elation I AM


I shimmer and glimmer.

I fly.

I celebrate.


I dance.

I dance more.

More and more.

I rejoice again.

I jump anew.

It is possible!

It is doable!



Being whole_being one_being me I AM


Me Practice_Me Determination_Me Consistency.

Me Trust_Me Courage.

Me more Trust_Me more Determination_More Consistency Me.


Me more.

Again more.

More Me.


Anew (t)here NOW.




Photography © Karolina Krausser