You in your body.

You with your body.

You through your body.

Your body_your physical body_your earthly home_your place on this planet_your time-space within the multiverse.

You in you body.

You with you body.

You through you body.

You infinitude of moment-to-moment experiencing.

You expanse of endless multidirectional relating.

You cosmos of insatiable eternal living.

You question_you answer.

You resource_you source.

You time_you space.

You ensouled body_you embodied soul.

You infinite ensouled body_you infinite embodied soul.

You infinite body soul_you infinite soul body.

You WON Self.


photography: © 2020 Miranda Glickson

The physical body is the time-space when and where the WON Self may materialise and manifest.

Your physical body is your time-space when and where your WON Self may materialise and manifest.

You physical body are you time-space when and where you WON Self may materialise and manifest.