I have heard Voice saying: I am calling you my Beloved.I am calling you home. On behalf of Voice I am calling you back home. Come! Let’s celebrate!

Yes! BACK HOME is the space of Celebration. BACK HOME is the space of you reawakening to how, why, and what you are. BACK HOME is the space of you remembering YOUnique.

You in your body. You with your body. You through your body.

Your body_your physical body_your earthly home_your place on this planet_your space within the multiverse.

You in your body_with your body_through your body_you infinitude of moment-to-moment experiencing_you expanse of endless multidirectional relating_you cosmos of insatiable eternal living.

You question_you answer_you resource_you source.

You body_you ensouled body_you embodied soul_you embodied infinite soul_you infinite soul_you infinite_infinite YOUnique.

Breathe back into YOUnique. Feel back into YOUnique. Dance back into YOUnique.

Celebrate YOUnique!