Remembering YOUnique begins with crystallising intention. Connecting with your intention allows your motivation to clarify and ground within your cellular body. Being truthful and transparent with your intention supports your remembering into awakening and unfolding.

Intention is nourished by attention. Attention allows you to land into (a) space of contact with your physical self. Settling within your physical body prepares you to receive YOUnique. It is in, with, and through your physical body that you access your memory. It is in, with, and through you feeling your flesh and bones, your skin and your weight, your physical freedom and limitation, that opens the pathway into YOUnique.

Landing into the physical you allows you to open to How, Why, and What Is. Present in, with, and through your tissues you allow How, Why, and What Is to be and you allow yourself to be. Allowing you to be how, why, and what you are here now opens you to an expanded perspective. It opens you to YOUnique. Then YOUnique may be remembered.

Easy, mobile, and playful focus releases space within and invites space without. No forcing, no imposing, no directing. Expecting nothing and expecting everything.

In contact with your breath. Effortlessly and lightly breathe in, breathe out.

Can you feel yourself breathing here now?

Distraction, dullness, frustration, resistance, … belong to the journey BACK HOME. Noticing how, why, and what is you are free to come back to attention. Without judgment. It is judgement-free experiencing.

A different time and a different space - different than the ones you know. Your body knows a different time. It chooses the time to manifest. It does so once it has been given the presence it needs. And your body needs a different space – space that invites, allows, and welcomes.

Invite, allow, welcome YOUnique.

In comfort and trust.

Being given, your body gives back. You receive.


Within the Now of now. Within the Here of here.

Let yourself not know where this journey takes you. Let yourself not know and engage.

When you are ready, the anchors find themselves. They find themselves within – in the inner bodily space of YOUnique and without – in the outer structure that contains How, Why, and What Is.

YOUnique is remembered.

Invitation underlies the journey BACK HOME.