BACK HOME is for you no matter how you define yourself, what you identify yourself with, whom you consider yourself to be…

…whichever labels, descriptions, codes you put onto/into/around you...

...whatever you think about you, whatever you project onto/into/around you, whatever you judge you with...

...however limited, controlled, coded your perspective on you is.

Nothing you assume yourself to be is of importance (t)here.

What matters is your insatiable curiosity, your passionate longing, your burning desire for YOUnique!

However, whatever, whichever, … you are welcome!

Let yourself feel welcome!

Let yourself feel you and let you feel into YOUnique.

YOUnique is waiting for you!

(T)here is one condition though: you need to consiously choose to cultivate the positive throughout the BACK HOME session. No door is open for the negative. This condition is from Freedom.

There is neither negative judgment nor positive appreciation. None of them exists within Source.