Come BACK HOME you ensouled body_ you embodied soul_you visible and you invisible_you material and you immaterial_you whole_you one_YOUnique.

Come BACK HOME you the center_you the how, why, and what for your journey_you the beginning_you the end_you the in-between_you the creator.

Create your journey BACK HOME.

I provide place, space, time, and map. Take the map and journey through YOUnique territory.

Guide you. Accompany you. Follow you.

I guide me. I accompany me. I follow me.

You follow you and you breathe your breath. I breathe mine.

Breathe in and feel into you expanding. Welcome infinite YOUnique. Breathe out and settle into YOUnique. Settle into how, why, and what you are.

Take time and space. Take as much time as you need. Take as much space as you need. Receive space. Receive time. Receive YOUnique.

No hurry!

It is a practice. It takes practice. Coming BACK HOME takes time and space. Your coming BACK HOME takes your time and your space. It needs your time and your space, your dedication, your consistency, and your determination. It needs your patience and your gentleness. Your coming BACK HOME needs you!

You coming BACK HOME need to receive YOUnique.

You receive when you are ready. When you are ready, you reawaken to YOUnique.

Your readiness cannot be determined, defined, or decided. It cannot be rushed. You are ready when you are ready. You know when you are ready and you know when you are YOUnique.

you know for you feel now YOUnique know YOUnique knowing comes from you feeling you feel into YOUnique you feel YOUnique and YOUnique know and this is enough

In, with, and through BACK HOME, I offer you infinite possibilities to guide, accompany, and follow you into YOUnique, I create a context for you to engage with the movement of life, and I infinitely encourage you to practise your BACK HOME journey on a breath-by-breath basis.