invites you back into where you belong - back into you body.

Cultivating dancing in, with, through the physical body, BACK HOME heartens you into experiencing, embodying, expressing, and being you infinite potential.

Uniting the dance of you ensouled human with the dance of you embodied soul, BACK HOME inspirits your way back into YOUnique WON self.


Journeying BACK HOME actualises in, with, through engaging into the LIFE of Quantum Existence - its dance, sound, breath, movement, vibration, frequency, ..., ..., ...

It materialises and manifests in, with, through the physical body, instantaneously condensing and expanding into the beyond, into the beneath, into the in-between.

Now by now.

BACK HOME serves to CREAte, creA(C)T, creA(C)TION the self into the CREA(C)TOR and CREA(C)TION ONE, and coalesce the two into the crystalline Younique WON Self.