BACK HOME For Dancers

BACK HOME training for dancers offers you a time-space to practise the multidimensional self improvising with the movement of life, breath, dance, sound, ... in, with, through the physical body. It is an ongoing journey from practising engaging into practising allowing into allowing and receiving multimobility to manifest and celebrate Freedom. Grounded in, with, and through the physical body, BACK HOME expands into the beyond, the beneath, and the in-between. The guided improvisation is accompanied by the movement material based on my research into Navel Space Radiation, and the information I receive within the Now of now and within the Here of here of each session. I provide a map, you create YOUnique journey.

BACK HOME for dancers takes place within the format of a 90-minute-long weekly session.

The details are within the NOW:

Photography: Janusz Ratecki