I dance in Mystery.

I dance with Mystery.

I dance through Mystery.

Mystery dances in me, with me, through me.

Mystery dances me.

I am danced.

Dance I AM


I live as a quantum consciousness dance creA(C)TOR and creA(C)TION.

Blessed with the knowing that Infinity is How, Why, What Is, I live me Infinity. I embody Infinity. Infinity I AM

Within the Now of now. Within the Here of here.

Knowing no borders to my individual potential, I support ever(Y)body desiring to receive them infinite YOUnique selves.

I insist on the priority of CREAting, creA(C)Ting, and creA(C)TIONing the self, and advocate RADICAL INDIVIDUALISM.

The personal constitutes for me the fundament enabling the collective to experience, embody, and express bountiful abundance that we are.

With the time-space dimension of this earth we relate to ourselves before we relate to others.

How we relate to ourselves determines how we relate to others.

How I relate to me body shapes how I relate to ever(Y) body and how I relate to us collective body.

We need to address ourselves first. We need to feel ourselves first. WE NEED TO FEEL INTO OURSELVES FIRST.

Feel into you.

From you feeling into you comes trust.



Trust-based connection to yourself and with yourself allows you to receive YOUnique.

Then the collective emerges in the most organic, authentic, and expanding way.

We need to search for it no more.



I have been offered multiple possibilities to CREAte, creA(C)T, creA(C)TION me YOUnique WON Self.


In between ever(Y)thing I ever live,

I always search for the physical comfort.

I am obsessed with feeling one within my physical body.

Becoming more and more whole within the physical me is my absolute priority.

My ever(Y) choice serves this purpose.

That is also why BACK HOME is (t)here.

(T)here WON I AM

Younique WON Self.

YOUnique WON Self is How, Why, What I AM when and where I am ready to receive.

YOUnique WON Self is How, Why, What You AM when and where you are ready to receive.

YOUnique WON Self defies all human attempts to describe, define, classify.

It expands beyond, beneath, in between ever(Y) identification.

It is beyond, beneath, in between.

And it is here now. It is in me, with me, through me. It is me.

YOUnique WON Self is in you, with you, through you. It is you.

Unseen, untouchable YOUnique WON Self is closer than the closest.

In you body, with you body, through you body.

Sense How, Why, What You AM

Receive How, Why, What You AM

Feel How, Why, What You AM

YOUnique WON Self.


NOW I am CREAting, creA(C)Ting, and creA(C)TIONing WONOW, a Quantum Consciousness Multi Book Animation about Nonexistence of Death and Existence of Ever(Y)where,, and CreA(C)TIONing The WON with Robert Fischer,