BACK HOME individual practice takes place within the format of a 1:1 session in which I personally guide and accompany you on your journey BACK HOME!

BACK HOME individual sessions are an exclusive opportunity for you to receive my direct guidance. Throughout the entire time of a 60-minute-long session I support you from the multidimensional perspective.

Understanding you as Infinite YOUnique, I design my guidance following the idiosyncrasies of you ensouled body and embodied soul based on my intuitive insights in your presence.

I support you towards recognising the most gentle, self-caring, and responsible you, into practising self-love as the foundation of your choices.

I create space and give time in which you land into your physical body and feel into the embodied you. From there I navigate you into connecting with your wholeness. You breathe into Infinite YOUnique. You feel into Infinite YOUnique. You dance Infinite YOUnique and you remember YOUnique. From there YOUnique know and this is enough.

Multileveled. Multidirectional. Multireferential. Multidimensional. Multi…

BACK HOME individual sessions take place in Frankfurt and around within the distance of 50 km.

Individual sessions take place in Tanzstudio Constanza in Frankfurt (Pfingstweidstr. 4 60316 Frankfurt).

We set the session date, and time together.

The cost of BACK HOME individual sessions includes the studio rent and travel costs (if a session is outside Frankfurt). Sessions are based on voluntary contribution.

I am also happy to travel to your home and guide you on your journey BACK HOME from where you live, be it any place in this world. This format is possible within a commitment of minimum 11 sessions. The cost of BACK HOME commitment sessions includes my travel and accommodation. Sessions are based on voluntary contribution. Your contribution is most appreciated.

Should you be interested in taking your individual journey BACK HOME with my guidance and company, contact me:

YOUnique is waiting for you! It is time! Set out on your own journey BACK HOME!